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EL-FLOW Classic series  

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Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V., the European market leader in thermal Mass Flow Meters/Controllers and Electronic Pressure Controllers, has many years experience in designing and manufacturing precise and reliable measurement and control devices. With a wide range of instruments, Bronkhorst High-Tech offers innovative solutions for many different applications in many different markets.
EL-FLOW ®Classic instruments are highly standardized and can therefore cost-efficiently be produced in larger quantities. This enables us to pass on this advantage to our customers.

EL-FLOW ®Classic series for laboratory and machinery applications

EL-FLOW ®Classic series Mass Flow Controllers for gas applications have a housing designed for laboratory and clean processing conditions. The instruments are designed to measure and control gas flow ranges between 0.16…8 sccm and 0.4…20 slm at an operating pressure between atmospheric pressure and 30 bar(g). The integrated control valve ensures extremely fast and smooth control.
EL-FLOW ®Classic combines the advanced technology and high quality of Bronkhorst’s most popular product line with a very attractive price level.

Fields of application

The EL-FLOW ®Classic series are suited for application in a wide variety of both OEM and laboratory applications in the following markets (typically):

  • Analysis and environmental measurements
  • Burner control
  • Vacuum technology
  • Surface treatment installations
  • Process control in food, pharmaceutical and (petro-) chemical industries

EL-FLOW ®Classic features

  • Accurate mass flow control
  • Fast response, excellent repeatability
  • Virtually pressure and temperature independent
  • Cost effective solution
  • Analog I/O-signals: 0…5 Vdc or 4…20 mA (sourcing)

Technical specifications

Measurement / control system
Flow ranges : from 0.16...8 sccm up to 0.4...20 slm; intermediate flow ranges available
Accuracy (incl. linearity) : ±1% FS (based on actual calibration)
Turndown : 1 : 50
Repeatability : < 0,2% Rd
Settling time : 1…2 seconds
Operating pressure : 0…30 bar(g)
Operating temperature : 0…50°C
Temperature sensitivity : zero: < 0.1% FS/°C; span: < 0.1% Rd/°C
Warm-up time : 30 min. for optimum accuracy
Leak integrity, outboard : < 2 x 10 -9 mbar l/s He
Control valve : normally closed solenoid valve

Mechanical parts
Material (wetted parts) : stainless steel 316L or comparable
Seals : Viton ®
Process connections : 1/4” BSPP female thread;
optional accessories: compression type or face seal couplings in various inch or metric sizes

Electrical properties
Power supply : +15…24 Vdc
Power consumption : max. 320 mA
Analog output/command : 0...5 Vdc or 4…20 mA (sourcing output)
Electrical connection : 9-pin D-connector (male)
(power + I/O signals)
CE : EMC 2004/108/EC, RoHS 2011/65/EU
Ingress protection (housing) : IP40
Technical specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.


EL-FLOW ®Classic Thermal Mass Flow Controllers for Gases

● 배송료는 착불입니다.
● 구매자 사정으로 교환이나 환불을 할 경우 왕복 배송료는 구매자 부담입니다.
● 배송은 결제확인후 1일~4일입니다.
● 화물배송을 원하시면 업체명(대신화물/경동화물 등)과 수령하실 영업점명을 담당자에게 알려 주시면 됩니다.

교환 및 반품이 가능한 경우

● 상품등을 실제 받으신 날로부터 7일 이내.
(※ 포장을 개봉하여 사용하거나 또는 설치완료가 되어 상품의 가치가 훼손된 경우에는
반품 및 교환이 불가하오니 이점 양해하여 주시기 바랍니다.
단, 상품의 내용을 확인하기 위하여 포장을 개봉한 경우에는 교환 및 반품이 가능합니다.)
● 받으신 상품의 내용이 표시·광고 사항과 다른 경우에는 상품등을 받으신 날로부터 3개월 이내.
● 전자상거래등에서의소비자보호에관한법률에 규정되어 있는 소비자 청약철회 가능범위에 해당되는 경우.
● 기타, 고객님의 단순한 변심에 의해 상품의 교환 및 반품을 요청하시는 경우에는
고객님께서 상품 반송에 소요되는 비용을 실비로 부담하셔야 하오니 이점 양해하여 주시기 바랍니다.

교환 및 반품이 불가능한 경우

● 고객님의 책임있는 사유로 상품등이 멸실 또는 훼손된 경우.
● 고객님의 사용 또는 일부 소비에 의하여 상품등의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우.
● 복제가 가능한 상품등의 포장을 훼손한 경우.
● 기타, 전자상거래등에서의소비자보호에관한법률이 정하는 소비자 청약철회 제한에 해당되는 경우.